R12 - General Ledger Interview Questions:

Can a flex field qualifier be changed after it has been created?

Ans) No, Once a segment qualifier has been designated for a specific segment and has been saved, it will permanently have the attributes with that qualifier.

For example, you accidentally designate the cost center segment as the natural account segment. Even though you do not compile this, the system saves the changes. And once it has been saved, it will have all the attributes designated for the natural account qualifier, even after it has been changed back, resaved with the correct qualifier and compiled. This is the inherent functionality of the software.

Unfortunately, there is no real easy solution for this issue. The only option is to create a new chart of accounts and attach a new set of books.

What is Actual Flag?
Ans) Actual flag represents the Journal type.
E- Encumbrance.

What is Journal Import?
Ans) Journal import is an interface used to bring journal entries from legacy systems and other modules into the General Ledger.(Specifically Journal Import gets entries from legacy data into the GL base tables.
The tables populated during journal Import are

What is Security Rule?
Ans) Security Rules are defined to control the access of a flex field segment value (Financial information) at a responsibility level.

What is Revaluation?
Ans: It is process used to revalue assets and liabilities denominated in foreign currency into functional currency based on period end exchange rate we specify. Unrealized gains/losses are resulted because of exchange rate fluctuations which are recorded in unrealized gain/loss account in GL.

What is FSG (Financial Statement Generator)?
Ans: Financial statement generator feature helps us to generate reports such as balance sheets and income statements without programming. It also provides a high degree of control on the rows, columns, contents and calculations on the report. Different components such as row set, column set, content set, row order, display set have to be defined before a statement is generated, of which row set and column set are mandatory.

How to delete a segment value?

There is no supported way to delete a segment value. Segment values can only be disabled not deleted.

What is the difference between GL date and GL posted date in GL?

GL date is the date used to determine the correct accounting period for your transactions where as the GL posting date is the date when the journal entry is posted GL.



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